Our courses are designed to teach students Stop-Motion Animation and Puppetry skills and storyboard their short films and shoot them using a simple iPad or iPhone. Our courses are sub-titled in English, French and Spanish and German and are available to communities and schools all over the world. 2D STOP-MOTION ANIMATION COURSE
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Our journey into "rough" stop-motion



Watch the Introduction of the course and find out
what ‘rough’ stop-motion is all about.
Don’t forget to download the materials list as part of the Introduction Lesson.

 Watch some of our student short films below!

"Gary's irrepressible passion for animation, and his inventive and playful creativity inspires the courage and confidence to explore one's own - the hallmark of a great teacher and motivator! Thank you, Gary!"

Colleen Magennis
Puppeteer, Scotland

"The 2D course worked really well and we had fun all through, and now am looking forward to the 3D course, which looks even more fun, Thank you Gary!"

Fedelis Kyalo
Puppeteer/ Animator, Kenya

"The Puppetry film online workshop material with great support by Gary , gave me a lot of inspiration how to start and go on for making my first movie. Yippie so cool . And I had a lot of fun by the way too. "

Alice Barte
Animator/puppeteer, Sweden

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This 2D stop-motion course is designed for beginners, creative explorers, teachers and puppeteers.
The course will guide you through the process of design, storyboarding, filming your characters and post- production, to the creation of your first stop-motion film.

Course Curriculum

Hi, I am Gary Friedman,
your course facilitator.

I am a world renowned puppeteer with many decades of production experience in puppetry
and now stop-motion animation too. Over the
past twenty years, I have been teaching my skills
at international schools and universities around the world. And now, for the first time, I'm offering to share these with you, in this special online course.


All online classes available for 3 months.

All videos are subtitled in
English, Spanish, French & German.


Live Instructor Access

3 x Feedback Sessions for your project


Get your certificate on completion
of the course.