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Workshop Summary

There is an ever-growing trend across the school system, of students who do not 'fit the mould', with low engagement, poor self esteem as well as learning challenges. More and more teachers are expressing their frustration and despair at not being able to tap into these students' innate abilities, or unleash their academic and personal power and true essence. It is also true that students are experiencing ever increasing stressors at home; with in their peer group and at school. Most students have difficulty articulating their emotions, and grapple with their confusion or frustration. This often manifests in a backlash of behavioural issues, reduced concentration, bullying, lack of engagement or difficulty in learning. Our workshops encourage children of all ages to think on their feet; take risks; problem solve and work as a team; developing their lateral thinking skills that shift their creativity to a new dimension. These skills are essential for our youth and future leaders. Take a look for yourself!

Workshop Curriculum

Gary Friedman

Gary Friedman

Gary Friedman is a puppeteer, animator and film-maker, who initially developed international adult-education puppetry and film projects based on HIV- AIDS, Democracy, Corruption, Abuse and Prisons work starting in the eighties. 

Brought up in Apartheid South Africa, Friedman unleashed his puppets on the streets in Cape Town, to take on the regime’s harsh suppression in 1980. ‘Puns en Doedie’ (Puppets Against Apartheid) used satire to reflect the news and views of the people on the streets.

In 1987, Friedman studied ‘Puppetry for Film and Television’, with Muppet-master Jim Henson.  After many years of producing ‘Puppets Against Aids’ internationally, Friedman co-produced a voter education television series for South African’s first democratic election in 1994. 

In 2001, Friedman took up residency in Australia and became an international Puppetry-in-Education consultant, while at the same time producing documentary and stop-motion animation films. Today he teaches puppetry and stop-motion animation at schools and universities around the world and in-between, creates short stop-motion films in his studio in Melbourne.

As a recent convert to Stop-Motion, after working for fifty years in the world of puppetry, Friedman discovered the links between the two arts fascinating and extraordinary. The vital roles of breath and performing without human language, as well as using humour to tackle socio-political issues have always been the signature elements of his work. 

‘I enjoyed this workshop a lot, because we made something alive and creative. Thank you!’

Livia, Teacher, 
American International School of Budapest

‘I find it extraordinary that you can ask the students to hide behind their creatures, to enable them to express everything that they are unable to express or normally say in a class.’

Michelle, Teacher,
College du Leman, Geneva

‘Simplicity, creativity and use of the imagination was truly inspiring.' 

Orlando Rivera, Principal
American School of Bilbao, Spain